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Should We not Only Reject Promiscuity in Both Hetero- and Homosexual Relations?

This question assumes as acceptable, both heterosexual and homosexual conduct.  This opinion is supported by most pro-homosexual proponents, and heterosexuality, homosexuality and bi-sexuality.  Transvestism, cross-dressing, transsexuality, pederasty and even paedophilia are also expressions of normal sexuality within this paradigm26.

In terms of the Bible, homosex is a perversion and not a normal expression of sexuality.   It is promiscuous by its very nature.  Homosex is a perversion just s incest, prostitution, and bestiality are perversions of heterosexual conduct.  It is wrong to speak of promiscuity in homosexual relations because homosex is in essence already promiscuous sexual conduct.  It is therefore a contradiction in terms to say one rejects promiscuity in homosexual relations.  Homosexual conduct is not on par with heterosexual conduct.

One should therefore reject promiscuity in heterosexual relations as well as any form of homosexual conduct whether promiscuous or not.