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Is Homosexual Marriage a Tolerable Option?

Before attempting to answer the above question it might be good to recap some facts.

According to Genesis God made a woman as Adam’s companion;  not a man, nor a woman and a man.  This is an extremely important point because the basis of so much moral teaching takes its departure from the creation account.  We cannot ignore the significance of creation.  The woman was created as help meet (a counterpart of mate) for the man.  The design of the male and female anatomy and psychology is obviously intended to be complementary.

The natural design does teach us truths about God’s intention for mankind (1 Cor. 11:14; Rom 1:20).  Therefore, the indisputable apparentness of the bodily design of man and woman declares that the woman is the intended marital partner for man.  If some men were created with bodies designed for sexual intercourse with other men, one would assume that this was part of God’s intended creation purpose.  There is, however, a complete lack of such a design, the reverse is true, same-sex intercourse is not God’s purpose for mankind.  Homosex is physically abnormal.  The human body is anatomically incompatible with same-sex expression.  Even if one subscribes to evolutionary progression, one would have to agree that logically there is no physiological compatibility in homosexual copulation.

The Lord Jesus quoted Genesis 2:24 as a general prerequisite for marriage;  "God made them male and female, a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and the two will become one flesh."  Paul quotes the same verse in Ephesians 5:31.  Neither Jesus nor Paul made provision for the possibility of homosexual marriage.  Surely the Son of God would not have been ignorant of such a possibility if it were to be allowed.  The Son of God and Paul, as did all the writers of the Bible, assumed heterosexual marriage to be the only acceptable and legitimate form of marriage;  not because they were misogynistic, heterosexist or homophobic but because the basis of marriage is in the creation of Adam and Eve.

Paul taught that there is only one moral legitimate outlet for man’s God-given sex drive – marriage (1 Cor. 7:2).  Monogamous, heterosexual marriage is the only way to have sex without sin and guilt.  Anything contrary to the creation ordinance of marriage between one man and one woman is not acceptable to God and is sinful.  Homosexual conduct is consistently and unequivocally called sin;  homosexual marriage would, therefore, be sin as well.

Is homosexual marriage a tolerable option?  Some church denominations marry homosexual pairs while others bless homosexual unions.  The fact that the church tolerates sin in her midst does not change sin’s status.  Homosexual marriage is sin and, therefore, it should not be at all tolerated.  Homosexual marriage, based on the teaching of the Bible, is not even a legitimate option let alone a tolerable option!  The church cannot tolerate homosexual marriage and claim to remain faithful to the God of truth.