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Are Homosexual Families Acceptable?

God’s law through Moses presupposes, as does the creation narrative, that heterosexual family life was to be the basis of His people’s communal life.  As we have seen in the previous section, the Bible makes no provision for homosexual marriage.  The fact that secular laws today provide for such marriages and families, does not mean that God’s Word should tolerate it as well.

The whole idea of marriage in the Genesis creation narratives is associated with producing children.  Homosexual marriage has no natural godsend possibility of producing children or keeping the world from being overpopulated as some pro-homosexual activists would have it.  Because of its unnaturalness, homosexual marriage is dependent on extramarital intervention in all possible options available to acquire children.  It is evident that fecundity drops with the practice of homosex.  Justifying homosexual families means rejecting the Genesis record, a record that was accepted without prejudice by the Lord Jesus, Paul and indeed all writers of the Bible, whether implicitly or explicitly stated to be the case.

Marriage is God’s institution.  God invented it.  God has set its terms and given the blueprint for it.  Heterosexual marriage is a prerequisite for the family and no one has the right to alter the terms set by God, not even the church.

Children are to have parents, and in terms of God’s Word, parents are called father and mother (Ex. 20:12; Lk. 18:20; Mk. 10:17-19; Eph. 6:1-2).  Every instance of marriage in the Bible is heterosexual, every instance of family mentioned is heterosexual, every time a child or children is  mentioned in relationship to a family it is heterosexual, every time divorce is mentioned it is between a man and a woman;  hetero-sexuality is the pattern for all marriages and, therefore, inter alia for the family.

To speak of a homosexual family is a contradiction in terms.  A family in God’s intention is heterosexual and, therefore, the fact of a father and mother is obvious.  A homosexual family does not display either of these God intended prerequisites.  Homosexual families are neither desireable nor acceptable.