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Homosexuality and the Scientific Evidence

Dr. Neil Whitehead is researching homosexuality for many years. He is a research scientist with a Ph.D. in biochemistry. He found many people who feel that gays are "born that way" - but few who understand enough about genetics and human biology to mount a thorough defense of the facts. He points out common misconceptions about Homosexuality and wrote a book, which is downloadable for free, My Genes Made Me Do It - a scientific look at sexual orientation. New scientific material are uploaded regularly and can be viewed at

Hand in hand with this book goes the book Craving for Love. Craving for Love was first published in 1993 to help people understand homosexuality and other dependent relationships.It has slowly become recognised as something of a classic among those who want out of homosexuality, those who help them and those who want to know what homosexuality is. In 2015 Craving for Love is as relevant as ever, because – as the saying goes – the more things change the more they stay the same. There have been three reprints since 1993 and a revision in 2003. The book has again been brought up to date with this 2015 revision to meet ongoing demand. It is available through this site in a number of digital formats: epub, pdf, and Kindle (from