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Only God can do the Changing

(Richard Cohen, M.A. © Gay Children Straight Parents 2007; IVP)

Trust God to change your same-sex attraction child. As you do your work, you can be confident that God will be working as well. Use the treatment plan and tools to create greater intimacy. Once you successfully create an environment of beloning, it will be the fertile and rich soil in which your child may heal and grow into his true gender identity.

It is important to remind ourselves that it is not our responsibility to change anyone. It’s hard enough to change ourselves! And who has been successful in changing a spouse over the course of marriage?

There are three basic ways to assist in the process of transformation:

Change yourself. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Provide an outpouring of love, in all its forms, by employing the strategies you find in this book.

Set an example with your steadfast and unconditional love, bearing in mind that most same-sex attraction relationships do not last.

I’ve heard some same-sex attraction kids say, “Oh, so now I’m your project.” You might responds by saying, “Yes, you are my project of love. I will love you with all of my life, no matter what. Please teach me what you need. I will never let you go!” Come what may, put your faith in God and do your best. He will do the rest.